Preparing StageCaller 1.3.1

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I’m in the process of updating how Dropbox works in StageCaller – basically, I was too lazy to implement folder navigation when I added in Dropbox and Google Drive… I’m now using a wonderful piece of code from Daniel Bierwirth ( that I simply didn’t want to write

1.3.1 is undergoing testing and should make its way to apple in the next few days.

PathSchedule 1.2 Available

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PathSchedule 1.2 went live in the Apple Store yesterday – oddly enough it was waiting for review for 7 days and then spent 1 minute  ‘in review’ before being accepted.  I continue to have no idea what Apple looks at during review…

This new version allows for re-ordering the station list as well as a whole lot of data cleanup – there were a number of duplicate weekend trips between 33rd & Hoboken that needed to be removed…  I’ve also forced directionality (eastbound/westbound) depending on which station you’re looking at.

Disappointed Pig Reboot

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I recently realized that I’ve been ignoring existing solutions for website maintenance – partly because of my “I can do better than that” attitude…  The last time I looked at wordpress must have been 10 years ago (when it was way too young), and my sheer distaste for php kept me away since.  Well, evidently I don’t care about that anymore.

I’m still reworking bits of disappointed pig into the new site, as well as migrating the stagecaller and pathschedule websites.  Hopefully I’ll complete that in the next few weeks.

Site Maintenance 6/1/14 – 6/5/14

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I’m rebuilding the Disappointed Pig website over the next few days (migrating to wordpress for convenience) – please try back later…