StageCaller lets you connect an iPhone to an existing MIDI or OSC network and trigger sounds (like a phone ringing) using your favorite cuing software.
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Path Schedule

Path Schedule provides a pretty straightforward interface for determining the next PATH train… If you don’t live in NYC or NJ this may be less useful for you… Basically, I kept finding myself waiting for a PATH train without network service and wanted to know how much longer I had to wait for the next train, so I threw this together.
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Ghostskate was a spec project that I never was paid for - it is no longer available in the Apple App Store.


Our Ghostskate™ app allows you to explore New York City on a longboard and keep track of how long it takes you to get from point A to point B in comparison to the rest of the longboarding community. Just check-in when you’re in the area of West Drive & Center Drive in Central Park, or 116th & Riverside Park, and start the clock. See how long it will take you to explore the city and get down to Wall Street. Press pause if you decide to sight-see or take a breather. Your clock will automatically stop once you are in the check out area. Join the leaderboard and share your tour time on Facebook and Twitter. Remember to follow all the bike lane rules, always wear your safety gear, and have a great time.