StageCaller and Path Schedule are now FREE

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all –

I’ve been debating about shutting down Disappointed Pig LLC for some time now, and my recent move to Cambridge MA has settled the debate for me. The domain will continue to exist, as well as this blog and the forums, however the business entity will be dissolved before the end of September 2018.

The good news is I have decided to make StageCaller (for iOS and Android) and Path Schedule (for Android) free. I will continue to support StageCaller v1 and Path Schedule v2 for the foreseeable future but probably a bit less ‘hands-on’ than before.

StageCaller v2 is still in the works and I’ve decided to finally finish it up and release it (also for free) in the coming months – eventually the codebase for v2 will be open sourced. I thought about open sourcing v1, but it’s just awful ObjectiveC and no one should be forced to look at that. It’s also increasingly difficult to compile since Apple/Dropbox/Google change their APIs as the years drag on.

Path Schedule v2 (and v1 on Android) will also move to open source – although I should clean up the codebase a bit before I do that.

I’ve already made StageCaller for iOS free (as of yesterday) and I’ll make StageCaller & Path Schedule for android free shortly (I need to figure out how to do that)

I thank you all for your support over the years. As always I’m happy to help out if anyone needs assistance with StageCaller, theater stuff, or finishing a bottle of whiskey.


jay konopka
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