StageCaller for Android v1.0.2-RC3

jay announcements

New release candidate! I fixed some issues with call actions.

There's a new setting named "Blackout" - basically this will black out the screen after a call action ends. When blackout is off (and the phone's screen lock is set to 'none') the user would suddenly find themselves looking at the StageCaller app which may destroy the illusion of the fake call.

When blackout is on, you'll see a blank black screen - either press the back button to close it, or lock & unlock the phone to remove the blackout screen.

I also fixed "call duration" and "hangup after" action settings - so, these now work. "Call Duration" will end the answered call after the specified time (in seconds) and "Hangup After" will end the un-answered call after the specified time (in seconds).