Path Schedule for Android v1.0.1

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Path Schedule for Android has finally been released. It basically has feature parity with the iOS version and uses the 12/7/17 data from Trillium Transit.

StageCaller for Android 1.0.2-RC2

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I’ve released StageCaller for Android 1.0.2-RC2 – this fixes a bunch of stability issues. I also fixed some startup & restore issues. Android 5.x & 6.x have some issues with IPv6 that I haven’t figured out yet – so if your MIDI setup gets can’t connect or timeout errors please try manually entering the device IP address into the Audio …

StageCaller for Android (v1.0.1 beta)

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here’s another update to StageCaller for Android – there was serious problem running on devices with os prior to Android 5 and I fixed a few stupid bugs

StageCaller for Android (v1.0.0 beta)

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I’ve finally had the time to update StageCaller for Android to v1 beta. At this moment, the pattern editor needs to be rewritten, the call system needs work, and network reconnection and error handling could be a lot better – but basically everything works I’ll spend the next few weeks fixing interface issues and preparing documentation

StageCaller 1.3.11 released

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new version of StageCaller (iOS)! so I realized that I screwed up Dropbox support after the Dropbox V1 shutdown last June – I’m not sure why I hadn’t noticed.. but Dropbox works again – I also fixed swipe to stop on iOS10/11… it was a minor problem that I stumbled on for too long – regardless, it works again I …

updated PathSchedule 9/17/17

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I’ve updated PathSchedule with the 9/17/17 schedule update as well as my first pass of updating for iOS11 I’ll need to do a little work to redesign for iPhoneX – oddly the not square corners and the top notch will require some thought as far as design goes… the good news is that my pipeline that takes the trillium transit …

StageCaller Android (alpha21)

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StageCaller Android drifts from the iOS version starting today. I’ve rebuilt how actions work. Prior to alpha21, we had Sound and Vibration actions. In alpha21 I’ve added in Call actions which act like fake calls to the device. Vibration actions now require a vibration pattern. Patterns are defined as strings of numbers separated by either a comma, period, or dash …