StageCaller 1.3.11 released

jay announcements

new version of StageCaller (iOS)!

so I realized that I screwed up Dropbox support after the Dropbox V1 shutdown last June – I’m not sure why I hadn’t noticed.. but Dropbox works again – I also fixed swipe to stop on iOS10/11… it was a minor problem that I stumbled on for too long – regardless, it works again

I also rebuilt the app to work on iOS 8 – I forget who asked for that, but I did it anyway – StageCaller works on 4gs or better, iPad 2 or better, and iPod gen5 or better – as far as I’m concerned that’s pretty good

to be honest, I really need to rewrite everything in swift… I’m most of the way there, but I keep getting distracted by the Android build (which will move to beta soon) – I’ve written MIDI & OSC in swift and they work pretty well, but I need to seriously think about the app workflow as well as the feature drift from the future Android release

I simply can’t get Apple’s CallKit to work the way I need it to so I can’t simulate calls on par with what I can do on Android… (basically it’ll work once, and then you need to force quit the app… that’s not the user experience I want to provide) – I need to revisit the CallKit problem again with iOS11, but I figure it’ll never work the way I want