updated PathSchedule 9/17/17

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I’ve updated PathSchedule with the 9/17/17 schedule update as well as my first pass of updating for iOS11 I’ll need to do a little work to redesign for iPhoneX – oddly the not square corners and the top notch will require some thought as far as design goes… the good news is that my pipeline that takes the trillium transit …

StageCaller Android (alpha21)

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StageCaller Android drifts from the iOS version starting today. I’ve rebuilt how actions work. Prior to alpha21, we had Sound and Vibration actions. In alpha21 I’ve added in Call actions which act like fake calls to the device. Vibration actions now require a vibration pattern. Patterns are defined as strings of numbers separated by either a comma, period, or dash …

StageCaller (android) alpha11

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alpha 11 released today – minor improvements to ui – fixed trigger dialog (actually works now) – fixed midi bonjour name in settings activity – added cloud chooser dialog – fixed google drive download – minor improvements to backgrounding (cpu wakelock management) evidently ‘stop action on pickup’ works on more devices that I had thought… I need to find a …

StageCaller for Android (alpha)

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I’m happy to announce the StageCaller for Android alpha program – for those of you brave enough to run a pretty nasty and incomplete alpha on Android 4.0 (api 14) and higher, well… then you’re braver than me I’ve setup a public alpha on Google Play Google Play handles alpha/beta pay apps as if they actually cost money – to …

StageCaller for Android – SOON…

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I’m still working out how to use the Google Play Store for alphas/betas of StageCaller – but it looks like July 2016 will be the month of the open alpha of StageCaller for Android – maybe beta… although I don’t think we’ll hit beta before August I’ll have more info soon on the alpha program… it’ll be an open alpha …

StageCaller 1.3.4 released

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• fixed a serious bug with MIDI and iOS 9.1 (and maybe 9.0.x) • fixed a bug where OSC forced outgoing connections to be TCP rather than UDP • now you can choose to use UDP or TCP for an OSC heartbeat (defaults to UDP) • complete rebuild of heartbeat settings – OSC heartbeat now can include device name, delay, …

Path Schedule update 4/22/15

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I’ve submitted v1.2.4 to Apple – this update includes: • updated with Apr 26 schedule • refactoring of station/trip display (evidently I was doing something unnecessary that leaked a bit of memory)

StageCaller 1.3.2 Released

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what’s new: • minor updates to network code • bug fix – “swipe to stop action” works better • bug fix – “pickup to stop action” actually works • minimum iOS version is now 5.1.1 (sorry – that’s a requirement now)