Path Schedule updated (v 2.2)

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V2.2 is a minor update to Path Schedule – I fixed a long standing bug that would crash the app when re-ordering stations – it didn’t happen all that often which is why I had such a hard time finding the issue… Basically I finally wrote a better routine for re-ordering stations. I used to regenerate all the station views …

StageCaller (android) alpha10

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Alpha10 of StageCaller is available now on Google Play. I did a complete rewrite of my midi library – it’s about twice as fast now and seems a lot more stable. Heartbeat (for both OSC and MIDI) is now functional… MIDI auto reconnect is functional but not yet available to the StageCaller UI. I need to rethink how I want …

NYT article

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I got mentioned in the New York Times! : It would have been nice if the reporter actually mentioned StageCaller – or spoke with me at all – but hey… that’s the second time I’ve been in the NYT.

StageCaller 1.3.4 released

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• fixed a serious bug with MIDI and iOS 9.1 (and maybe 9.0.x) • fixed a bug where OSC forced outgoing connections to be TCP rather than UDP • now you can choose to use UDP or TCP for an OSC heartbeat (defaults to UDP) • complete rebuild of heartbeat settings – OSC heartbeat now can include device name, delay, …

Apple MFi

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well, I just got accepted into the MFi program – I figure it’ll give me something to read while I raise my daughter…

PATH Train Schedule Update 12/12/2014

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I’ve submitted an update to PathSchedule (v1.2.2) – but unfortunately Apple didn’t approve it before they went on holiday… new features include: corrected schedule – I’ve reported a bunch of errors in the schedule data to Trillium Transit – to their credit, they’ve fixed most of the problems I identified… I’ll reserve listing the remaining problems for a later post …

PATH Train Schedule Update 10/26/14

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I’m constantly amazed at how crappy the PATH schedule data is – I submit the following as evidence: – PATH creates PathAlert on 10/24 stating that a new schedule goes into effect on 10/26/14 – the PATH schedule data at is updated – the 10/26/14 (pdf) schedule is updated on the PATH website – the data from the pdf and …

StageCaller 1.3.1 submitted to Apple

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uhg… I finally got around to finishing up 1.3.1 – basically it has a rebuilt Dropbox and Google Drive browser – along with some minor improvements in the sound player and background routines.   it seems that I can no longer use AVAudioPlayer in the Xcode iphone simulator for iOS 7.1 (6.1 and 7.0 are just fine) – that made …

Preparing StageCaller 1.3.1

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I’m in the process of updating how Dropbox works in StageCaller – basically, I was too lazy to implement folder navigation when I added in Dropbox and Google Drive… I’m now using a wonderful piece of code from Daniel Bierwirth ( that I simply didn’t want to write 1.3.1 is undergoing testing and should make its way to apple in …