PATH Train Schedule Update 10/26/14

jay news

I’m constantly amazed at how crappy the PATH schedule data is – I submit the following as evidence:

– PATH creates PathAlert on 10/24 stating that a new schedule goes into effect on 10/26/14

– the PATH schedule data at is updated

– the 10/26/14 (pdf) schedule is updated on the PATH website

– the data from the pdf and don’t match – in fact the pdf schedule seems to reflect the pre 10/26/14 schedule (I won’t even comment on how PATH doesn’t bother to tell developers that they’ve updated the schedule)

Honestly – I’ve been working in this industry for decades… how hard is it to match your developer data to your printed schedule?  I don’t know which is correct – I can’t release a new version of PathSchedule simply because I’d rather leave the bad schedule I have out there than replace it with a worse one…

I’m glad I’m not asking anyone to pay for this kind of shoddy schedule maintenance – it’s embarrassing…