StageCaller (android) alpha10

jay news

Alpha10 of StageCaller is available now on Google Play.

I did a complete rewrite of my midi library – it’s about twice as fast now and seems a lot more stable. Heartbeat (for both OSC and MIDI) is now functional… MIDI auto reconnect is functional but not yet available to the StageCaller UI. I need to rethink how I want to expose MIDI reconnect to the user, I never liked what I did on iOS.

I’m a bit amazed at how poorly notifications and device motion are handled on android…

Implementing StageCaller notifications will require me to write a custom lock screen – I’m not really happy about this, but it’ll allow me to offer some serious customization for the end user – I think… I’m not sure… I’ve never written a custom lock screen.

Device motion on android is an absolute disaster – not only is it different between android device vendors, it’s different within a given vendor. I do most of my testing on an old Samsung s3 (4 years old) – oddly it can’t check motion in the background – it’s not a low power thing, the device thinks its working – it just doesn’t work. The only way to handle this is to write my own motion drivers for each android device… that’s simply not going to happen. Maybe someone has a library I can license.