StageCaller for Android (alpha)

jay announcements

I’m happy to announce the StageCaller for Android alpha program – for those of you brave enough to run a pretty nasty and incomplete alpha on Android 4.0 (api 14) and higher, well… then you’re braver than me

I’ve setup a public alpha on Google Play

Google Play handles alpha/beta pay apps as if they actually cost money – to my limited knowledge, it will look like they are charging you $10 for StageCaller, but they aren’t – yeah, its a little weird. (ignore this – google charges for alpha & beta apps…)

the goal for this alpha project is to get StageCaller for Android running as close to parity with the iOS version as possible – there are numerous things that just plain suck on Android and some features available in StageCaller for iOS may get dropped from Android. After we reach parity, well, then we start the open beta program to shakedown whatever crap is left before pushing to production.

what works:
– Apple MIDI & OSC
– downloading sounds from dropbox (google drive works as well, but the UI I’m using for accessing both is funky and needs to be rewritten)
– creating basic actions

what doesn’t work (yet):
– can’t stop actions via notification or device movement
– emergency stop doesn’t work yet
– backup/restore isn’t written yet
– MIDI auto reconnect doesn’t work yet
– OSC/MIDI probably don’t have network changes well yet
– there’s more I’m sure, but it just depresses me to type it

I wrote my own MIDI and OSC libraries – both were written as proof of concept, but are fairly stable – neither is written for speed at this time, so latency will be higher with this alpha than under iOS

I wouldn’t use this alpha in production – but if you REALLY wanted to I certainly wouldn’t stop you.

anyway – I thank you all for your patience in how long it took me to get to this point. I’m hoping for a production level app before the end of this year.