stuffed shad
  1. squeeze lemon juice over shad – clean spinach & trim stems
  2. lay shad skin side down on foil in a half sheet pan – open flaps and drizzle lemon over shad – maybe salt & pepper
  3. saute shallots & garlic in butter, salt & pepper to taste – add spinach and saute until pretty, but not too wilted, add salt/pepper and splash of sherry vinegar to taste
  4. place spinach mixture on center of filet, fold flaps over – carefully flip shad over so skin is up
  5. broil shad (skin up) for like 5 minutes – keep an eye on that ’cause it’ll burn fast – once it looks crisp, carefully flip shad and cook for another 5 minutes
Recipe Notes

this was wildly successful – I used a whole filet and it was much more than necessary for a meal for 2 (with shad roe), but I looked forward to leftovers after the first bite